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Women, Children, the Family & Vulnerable Sectors

Women, Children, the Family & Vulnerable Sectors

An important aspect of faith-based advocacy is to try to be a ‘voice of the voiceless’. Over the years of its existence CPLO has always tried to do this in its submissions to Parliament and by bringing the needs of marginalised communities to the attention of policy-makers; and wherever possible to create opportunities, through our roundtable discussions, for representatives of those communities to engage directly with politicians and government officials.

This project seeks to highlight issues that concern a number of social groupings whose needs are all too often overlooked or de-prioritized. The specific ‘vulnerable sectors’ that will be covered are the elderly, people with disabilities, and prisoners. Since this project has six sub-themes (which are set out below) not all of them will be dealt with by a briefing paper or a roundtable every year, but the Project Co-ordinator will monitor policy and legislative measures that have a bearing on these sub-themes and respond accordingly.


  1. Women
  2. Children
  3. The Family
  4. The Elderly
  5. People with Disability
  6. Prisoners