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The Catholic Parliamentary Liaison Office (CPLO) exists to provide the Southern African Catholic Bishops’ Conference (SACBC) and the Catholic community as a whole with information and analysis relating to a range of public policy and legislative issues. In addition, it seeks to maintain contact and dialogue between the Church on the one hand and Parliament and Government on the other.

The CPLO researches and publishes regular briefing papers covering major topics of the day, as well as other publications reflecting on these topics in the light of the Church’s social teaching. Formal and informal interaction with MPs and Cabinet Ministers, written and oral submissions to Parliamentary committees, and an extensive programme of roundtable discussions and webinars, all form part of our work.

We wish to invite applications for the post of Events & Media Co-ordinator. Applicants should be thoroughly conversant with MS Office, especially Word and Excel; CANVA; Adobe Acrobat; Zoom; and MS Teams. Experience in the layout and design of publications and in website design and maintenance are also required, as is the ability to run CPLO’s social media (YouTube; Twitter; Facebook). A high degree of initiative and attention to detail, strong organizing skills, calmness under pressure, and proficiency in written English are necessities. Please note that this is a 4 day per week post (Tuesdays – Fridays), based in Cape Town.

Queries may be emailed to: info@cplo.org.za
Complete the application form: https://forms.gle/2U41TLBB2rbMXvdu7

Only short-listed candidates will be interviewed and these will be notified within two weeks of the closing date.

Closing date: Friday, 31st July 2022.

CPLO Events and Media Coordinator Job Description

Main purpose of position:

To ensure the effective and efficient organisation of all CPLO events, the layout and distribution of CPLO publications and maintain all CPLO social media platforms.

Accountable to: Programme Manager

Key performance areas

  1. Events Organisation
  2. Publications Coordination
  3. Social Media (including website)
  4. Administrative Support


  • Compile Guest List.
  • Distribute Invitations or flyers electronically.
  • Upload event invitation to website.
  • Upload event blurb (after edit, and final edit from programme manager) – prepared by project co-ordinator/intern – and various photos to website. Event invitation stays on website, but should be moved to events hosted.
  • Record RSVP’s.
  • Responsible for all logistical arrangements: agreed upon online platform (Zoom etc,), venue, catering, hiring, décor / layout, transport / parking and accommodation
  • Communicate with Chancery reception when an event is hosted at the office.
  • Assist Programme Staff with the layout of the invite, programme and feedback forms.
  • Assist Programme Staff with the preparation of the folders, for in-person events.
  • Assist Programme Staff with logistics on the day of the event.
  • Meet regularly with Programme Staff regarding events.
  • Responsible for speaker/guest of honour gift vouchers and record and monitor usage.
  • Communicate with Finance Manager when vouchers stock is low, in order to replenish.
  • Maintain file and spreadsheet on all events.
  • Facilitate and record event feedback meeting held with Programme Staff.
  • Update database.
  • Update general guest list.
  • Forward blurb and at least two photos per event, to various Diocesan News/Bulletins.
  • Forward blurb and photo(s) to the Southern Cross, and track the various contributions made and featured.


  • Coordinate production of quarterly newsletters (content provided by various staff) which accurately record activities of the office. (January to March, April to June, July to September and October to December, so publishing should be done in April, July, October and January)
  • Liaise with service provider preparing layout of quarterly newsletter and finalize.
  • Proof read and prepare publications, including layout for printing.
  • Prepare email layout and distribute publications via email to network.
  • Ensure that a few printed publications are kept in office.
  • Ensure timeous electronic mailing to regular recipients.
  • Ensure that annual CPLO subscription renewals to bishops and religious are mailed in June.
  • Regularly check and update publications mailing lists. Any returned mail to be followed up and correct details obtained.
  • Regularly check and update publications title list. Maintain master file of all publications.
  • Upload all publications to website.

    Maintain Twitter Account
    Maintain CPLO FB Account
    Maintain CPLO Website
    Ensure CPLO YouTube channel contains latest material

  • Assist with reception duties when Office Administrator absent.
  • Actively participate in internal organisational development activities.
  • Attend relevant collegial meetings and forum discussions.