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The 2018 Budget: Process, Priorities and Implementation, 16 May 2018

The 2018 Budget: Process, Priorities and Implementation, 16 May 2018

In association with Parliament’s Standing Committee on Appropriations, CPLO hosted a dialogue on the 2018 Budget, its processes, priorities and implementation. The event was a first of its kind for the Standing Committee, which approached CPLO on the basis of our experience in providing platforms of interaction between policy-makers and civil society.  The dialogue represented an opportunity for civil society organisations to engage with the Members of Parliament who have direct oversight over the expenditure of the Budget, and who can influence government’s spending priorities. The goals of the dialogue were: to provide a platform to exchange suggestions for improving the effectiveness of budget allocations and budget implementation by departments, public entities and constitutional institutions; to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of the departments’ use and allocation of resources; to identify good practice examples; to identify the causes of poor performance in the use of state resources; and to build consensus on how the allocation of government’s limited resources can best serve the people of South Africa.

The dialogue, which was chaired by Ms Yvonne Phosa, the chairperson of the Standing Committee, was attended by 66 people, including six Members of Parliament and a number of senior Treasury officials.

L-R: Mr Ndabakayise Gcwabaza (ANC Whip, Standing Committee on Appropriations); Fr Peter-John Pearson (Director, CPLO); Prof Nicola Viegi (South African Reserve Bank Professor of Monetary Economics, University of Pretoria); Ms Yvonne Phosa; Ms Isobel Frye (Director, Studies in Poverty and Inequality Institute); and Prof Mohammed Jahed (Director, Parliamentary Budget Office)