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Education Digest 2014

Dear Colleagues and Friends

Education continues to be a critical aspect of the way forward for our country. President Jacob Zuma has once again declared it key focus for his administration, and the Southern African Catholic Bishops’ Conference (SACBC) using its long experience in education has listed the ongoing development of schooling and education  as one of its priority areas for pastoral outreach. In response to these imperatives, the Catholic Institute of Education(CIE), together with the SACBC Parliamentary Liaison Office (SACBCPLO), have appointed Mr Kenny Pasensie to work full time in this area, with a special brief to follow discussions and policy formulation in Parliament. In addition to providing regular briefing papers and organising round table discussions on educational topics, he will also regularly disseminate digests which will provide you with interesting links to news items, analysis and other resources in the field of education.

These two agencies of the SACBC are pleased to offer you this service as a contribution to enhancing the important and deeply appreciated work you do in the area of education.

Please feel free to send Kenny any links or other information which you might have access to so that we can, together, provide a valuable product for all involved in this critical area.

With best wishes,

Janice Seland: Director CIE
Peter-John Pearson: Director SACBCPLO