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JHB Roundtable: Green Paper on International Migration, 17 August 2016

JHB Roundtable: Green Paper on International Migration, 17 August 2016

About 35 people attended this roundtable. Most of them were people from the faith sector working on issues pertaining to refugees, migrants and displaced persons. The aim of the meeting was to get a sense of shared insights on the Green Paper and to achieve a measure of coherence around responses to the Paper. One presentation dealt with the broader African Union process with regard to the free migration of people in Africa and the possible impact of this on local legislation, as well as the need for conceptual coherence between the two policy processes. The next presentation dealt with issues in the Green Paper, especially with regard to labour and possible long-term visas for workers falling outside the scarce skills category for people from the Southern African Development Community countries. It also noted that the key contest in the paper was between development and security. The third input dealt with general points for further interrogation in the Green Paper. The regional office of Jesuit Relief Services also presented a first response to the Paper. There was long and insightful discussion after each presentation. The various organisations present were asked to share with each other whatever submissions they might make to the parliamentary Portfolio Committee.


CPLO, Scalabrini Institute, Pastoral Care and Jesuit Institute: Front-runners in the race to a more responsive Migration legislation

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