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Intergenerational Poverty, 28 July 2016

Intergenerational Poverty, 28 July 2016

On Thursday 28 July, the Catholic Parliamentary Liaison Office hosted a Roundtable Discussion on ‘Intergenerational Poverty’. The Roundtable brought together a multiplicity of perspectives. There were five guests speakers, Ms Musa Ngcobo-Mbere, Chief Director for Early Childhood Development from the Department of Social Development, Mr Elroy Paulus, Advocacy Manager of Black Sash, Mr Kevin Roussel, Executive Director of Catholic Welfare & Development (CWD), Ms Venessa Padayachee, National Manager of Advocacy and Lobbying at the National Institute for Crime Prevention and the Reintegration of Offenders (NICRO), and Ms Jacquline Hoorn, Regional Supervisor at NICRO. Our first speaker, Ms Ngcobo-Mbere, outlined how the newly approved National Integrated Early Childhood Development Policy, serves as a means of preventing and eradicating poverty. Our second speaker, Mr Elroy Paulus, brought into relief the challenges and determinants of intergenerational poverty in South Africa. Our third speaker, Mr Kevin Roussel, unpacked the multi-dimensional nature of poverty, the persistence of poverty, the relationship of poverty and how one transforms communities, while our fourth speaker, Ms Venessa Padayachee, who based her presentation on a case study on a farming community in Paarl-East reflected upon the invisible and cumulative effects of incarceration on intergenerational poverty. The Roundtable provided an important opportunity for civil society to contribute to debates on intergenerational poverty in South Africa and how South Africa is dealing or intends to deal with this intractable scourge in terms of policy.


Standing: L-R: Mr Gerald Moore (Research Assistant, CPLO); Mr Kevin Roussel; and Ms Lois Law (Researcher, CPLO). Seated. L-R: Ms Musa Ngocobo-Mbere; Ms Jaquline Hoorn; Ms Venessa Padayachee; and Mr Elroy Paulus.


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