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Family Digest 44: Pregnancy and COVID-19 by Lois Law

Family Digest 44: Pregnancy and COVID-19 by Lois Law

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic most of our healthcare resources have been directed toward identifying those with COVID-19, and providing the level of care they require. This has not been without some cost to those with other medical conditions, such as chronic illness and HIV. Furthermore, maternal care for pregnant women and child healthcare services have been compromised. The Antenatal Care (ANC) provided by local clinics serves as a key gateway to screening and treatment interventions that improve pregnancy outcomes.[i] A multi-country trial led by the World Health Organisation found that “a minimum of four antenatal visits are required to adequately monitor a woman’s health during pregnancy, and to complete screening and diagnostic procedures.”[ii]

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Family Digest 44 Pregnancy and COVID by Lois Law