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Events – 2011

Roundtable Discussions & Seminars Date
An ctivist Parliament? With Pregs Govender 24.02.11
Sex and Marriage – Can They Live Happily Ever After? (with Jan Jans) 16.03.11
Substance Abuse Among Rural Youth 04.05.11
Did Your Vote Count? 27.05.11
Local Government Election Results: Prospects for the futre of politics in SA 02.06.11
Refugees: What is the Church’s response? 24.06.12
The Children’s Act – A Work in Progress 08.07.11
Multi-grade schools in SA: Finding solutions to rural education 22.07.11
Parenting with Grace – The Challenge of Positive Parenting 27.07.11
Post-conflict Paths to Reconciliation (with the Sri Lanka delegation) 28.07.11
Minister Trevor Manuel meeting with the Bishops on the NPC’s Diagnostic Report 05.10.11
Experiences of CAFOD in faith-based Advocacy with Government 26.10.11
Cost of Our Energy Options 18.11.11
Exploring the SA Family Policy 25.11.11
Social Welfare Grants: Are they Still Affordable and Sustainable? 28.11.11
Public lectures
Undermining democracy – Distorting markets – Violating human rights:  The insidious effects of political corruption (with Jan Jans) 15.03.11
The Legacy of Archbishop Oscar Romero for Contemporary Public Life (with Julian Filochowski) 26.10.11