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Briefing Paper 586 – The Impact of Digital Technology on Gender-Based Violence and Femicide by Tanyaradzwa Gwenhure

In 2018, social media platforms such as Facebook and WhatsApp were instrumental in mobilizing South African women, gender non-conforming people, and the LGBTQIA+ community to carry out a national shut down in response to the rising rates of gender-based violence and femicide (GBV&F).1 This national shutdown led to extensive legislative reform aimed at ending GBV&F. BP 586 The Impact of Digital Technology […]

Economic Digest 43 – Budget 2024: Balancing what South Africans want and what South Africa needs by Kenny Pasensie

It may be Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana’s last budget speech, but it will certainly be his most impactful. His task is made even more difficult because South Africa will be going to the polls soon, forcing the Minister to walk a very fine line between maintaining fiscal credibility and finding the money to prioritise his […]

Response – 14th February 2024 – Undermining the Status of Parliament by Mike Pothier

Last Thursday’s State of the Nation Address went off without the tedious disruptions that we have become used to over the past few years. This was partly due to the absence of the EFF members of Parliament, who boycotted the event in solidarity with their leader and five other senior MPs who had been suspended […]

Family Digest 60 – Teenage Pregnancy and Pregnancy Awareness Week, 10-16 February by Lois Law

The start of the new school year has seen much discussion on the high incidence of pregnancy among teenage school girls. Also, the prevalence of teenage pregnancy in South Africa comes back into the spotlight during Pregnancy Awareness Week, which is from 10th – 16th February.1 Pregnancy Awareness Week takes place in February each year and is a way […]

Democracy Digest 11 – The South Africa/Israel Case at the ICJ by Mike Pothier

Last Friday’s ruling by the International Court of Justice, in the case of genocide brought by South Africa against Israel, stirred up a predictably wide range of responses and opinions, often diametrically opposite, as well as some rather strained interpretations. Democracy Digest 11 – The South AfricaIsrael Case at the ICJ by Mike Pothier  

Briefing Paper 584 – Sexual Abuse in Prisons by Lois Law

Prisons are very violent places and South Africa’s prisons are no exception. “Prisoners face a substantial risk of being coerced, assaulted, raped and even killed at the hands of prison officials and fellow prisoners. Officials also face a substantial risk of violent victimisation by prisoners. While the Correctional Services Act 111 of 1998 and case law are clear that it is the […]

Environment Digest 44 – Integrated Resource Plan 2023 by Mike Pothier

On 4th January 2024 the Department of Minerals and Energy released the 2023 Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) for public comment. The IRP is in effect an estimation of how much electricity the country will need at a given point, and how that electricity will be generated – from coal and other fossil fuels, from nuclear energy, and from […]

Briefing Paper 583 – A Continuing Curse: The 2023 Trafficking in Persons Report by Peter-John Pearson

  Several studies have reported a significant rise in human trafficking across the globe. It is estimated by the US State Department that some 27.6m people are trapped in this insidious cycle of exploitation. This is larger than the population of Australia, which stood at 25.6m in 2021. BP 583 A Continuing Curse – The 2023 Trafficking in Persons Report […]

Briefing Paper 582 – Section 59: The Public’s Parliament by Mike Pothier

  In a recent Briefing Paper (No 578, Constitutional Delinquency2) we analyzed various ways in which the government has been deviating from its constitutional duties, noting that “some of its policy and legislative decisions suggest that it sees the Constitution as an obstacle to be circumvented or even to be ignored entirely.” BP 582 Section 59 – The Publics Parliament by […]