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Economic Digest 45 – Will the GNU be the Beast to Spur on Economic Growth? by Kenny Pasensie

As per the Statement of Intent signed by the Government of National Unity partners, the top priority for the GNU is the achievement of rapid, inclusive and sustainable economic growth to create jobs. A tall order, given South Africa’s many challenges such as a flagging economy, structural unemployment, crumbling infrastructure, etc. Yet, there is a measure of optimism […]

Economic Digest 44 – Green Hydrogen – Silver Bullet or Double-Edged Sword? by Kenny Pasensie

Ever since he made his debut on radio in 1933, and later on the silver screen, the Lone Ranger would typically mysteriously arrive just when he was needed to overcome whatever evil prevailed. He would then depart, leaving behind only his calling card – a silver bullet. The silver bullet has become entrenched in folklore as the only […]

Economic Digest 43 – Budget 2024: Balancing what South Africans want and what South Africa needs by Kenny Pasensie

It may be Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana’s last budget speech, but it will certainly be his most impactful. His task is made even more difficult because South Africa will be going to the polls soon, forcing the Minister to walk a very fine line between maintaining fiscal credibility and finding the money to prioritise his […]