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A Just Energy Transition in South Africa, 24 August 2017

A Just Energy Transition in South Africa, 24 August 2017

In collaboration with Project 90 by 2030 we hosted a roundtable discussion where Brenda Martin, CEO at SAWEA (South African Wind Energy Association); Lebogang Mulaisi, Policy Coordinator at COSATU & Richard Halsey, Researcher at Project 90 by 2030 dialogued on A Just Energy Transition in South Africa: Sources, Ownership and Related Matters.

There are several questions that were explored in consideration of ownership in this context: How should the status quo and distribution of ownership be changed? How can various stakeholders work together on the topic of ownership? How do we prevent differing views on ownership becoming an obstacle to progressive change? What are potential ownership models of the future? How do we ensure that energy production creates adequate job opportunities?

The roundtable provided numerous insights into the complexities of ownership and the concerns of citizens and various energy role players. Several related issues emerged that need to be explored further, through research and similar events.

L-R: Ms Tina Schubert (Policy and Research, Project 90 By 2030), Ms Lebogang Mulaisi, Ms Palesa Ngwenya (Environment and Energy Researcher, CPLO), Mr Richard Halsey, Ms Tasneem Essop (National Planning Commission of South Africa and Moderator), and Mr Iago Davids (Policy and Research, Project 90 By 2030)