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African Exposure and Training

This project takes a different form from the preceding eight projects. It does not involve the triad of activities: publications, submissions and roundtable discussions. Rather, it consists of two distinct legs: Firstly, building on a successful experience since 2008, we offer an annual week-long exposure and training course for people from other African countries, or […]

Refugees & Migrants

Questions pertaining to displaced persons constitute one of the most pressing social issues of our time. This is so both because of the numbers of people affected – 65.5 million directly, and many more indirectly; and in terms of the geographic spread of the problem – few parts of the world are unaffected. An equally […]

Environment & Energy

The interplay between safeguarding the environment and ensuring that the country has enough affordable energy for its development needs, continues to pose many policy and legislative challenges. South Africa is a signatory to all the relevant international instruments regarding climate change, and has committed itself to work towards clean energy. However, we are a country […]

Democracy & Governance

The primary reason for the creation of the CPLO in 1997 was to provide a vehicle for the Catholic Church to make its contribution to the new democracy that had recently taken root in South Africa. The Bishops spoke then of a ‘critically constructive’ relationship with the organs of the new democratic state. This remains […]