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CT Roundtable: The Green Voter’s Guide, 21 September 2016

CT Roundtable: The Green Voter’s Guide, 21 September 2016

On 21 September 2016, the Catholic Parliamentary Liaison Office, in collaboration with Heinrich Bӧll Stiftung and the Environmental Monitoring Group, hosted a Roundtable Discussion on ‘The Green Voter’s Guide’. The Roundtable brought together a multiplicity of perspectives. There were three speakers, Mr Stephen Law, Executive Director, Environmental Monitoring Group, Ms Annabel Horn, Task Manager, Department of Environmental Affairs and Development Planning, Western Cape Government, and Dr Robyn Pharoah, senior researcher, Research Alliance for Disaster and Risk Reduction (RADAR). Our first speaker, Mr Stephen Law shared his research on the prioritisation of spatial planning; disaster management and climate change preparedness; water resource management (water access, sewerage treatment); energy provision/efficiency; and waste management during the local government elections Our second speaker, Ms Annabel Horn, examined the important intersection between water, sanitation and social justice at a local government level. Our third speaker, Dr Robyn Pharoah, shared her insights on disaster risk management at a local government level and how this impacts upon social and environmental justice. The roundtable discussion generated robust debate and discussion. It aimed to stimulate and contribute to public discourse on how citizens and local politics respond (or should respond) to environmental justice issues.


Standing: L-R: Fr Peter-John Pearson (Director, CPLO), Ms Palesa Ngwenya (Environment and Energy Researcher, CPLO), and Ms Amanda Luxande (Sustainable Development Programme Manager, Heinrich Bӧll Stiftung). Seated: L-R: Dr Robyn Pharoah, Mr Stephen Law, and Ms Annabel Horn.