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Response: International World AIDS Day

On 1st December South Africa observed the 30th Annual World Aids Day. This year the theme was ‘Know your Status.’ This is an important consideration as it is estimated that about 9.4 million people living with HIV/Aids worldwide do not know their status. On the other hand, positively, statistics show that 75% do know it, equating to 19m people, compared to 67% in 2015.

Response: Civil Society & The Global Compact on Migration

On 9th July, 180 civil society groups active in the field of migration issued a joint statement ahead of the sixth and final round of discussions on the Global Compact on Migration (GCM), due to take place in New York. This followed 18 months of negotiation stressing the need for states to adopt a comprehensive approach to human mobility and for enhanced co-operation globally. It is interesting to note that the bulk of the issues raised in the statement by the 180 organisations have a strong resonance with the official Roman Catholic position.

Response: The Higher Education Budget

On 17th May 2018, Minister Naledi Pandor delivered the Budget for the Department of Higher Education.
She prefaced her remarks by underlining three important imperatives that have shaped this budget. Firstly, the impact of the #feesmustfall and the decolonisation of higher education protests over the past three years; secondly, the need to produce skilled graduates well able to play a role in knowledge creation in different spheres, and thus contribute to inclusive economic growth; and thirdly, the increasing focus on the ‘fourth industrial revolution’ and its implications for the business and education sectors.