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Environment Digest 43 – Karpowerships by Mike Pothier

A ‘Karpowership’ is a floating power station – a large ship containing a number of gas-fired generators, which anchors off-shore and feeds power into the electricity grid. For some years South Africa has been in negotiations with the Turkish company that runs these ships, Karadeniz Powerships, to secure three of them in an effort to supplement Eskom’s faltering […]

Environment Digest 42 – The Cost of Environmental Activism by Lovedonia Mkansi

Ecological collapse and climate change exacerbate the struggles of poor people and the working class all over the world. Tackling these environmental injustices is seen as central to achieving development and upholding human rights. Yet those that fight for these rights are often seen as a threat to the powers that be and to vested interests that benefit […]

Environment Digest 41 – South Africa’s Electricity Crisis: Its all hanging in the balance

South Africa has been grappling with load shedding and its devastating impact for over 16 years now, and all indications are that it could get worse as demand increases going into winter. Environment Digest 41 – South Africa’s electricity crisis – it’s all hanging in the balance by Lovedonia Mkansi