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Economic Digest 42 – Ports, Rail and Roads: Logistics 101 by Kenny Pasensie

Efficient logistics has been causing headaches for centuries. Sun Tzu, the famous Chinese general, military strategist, author of The Art of War, and philosopher who lived in the 6th century BC, wrote, “The line between disorder and order lies in logistics”; a seemingly simple truth that has escaped our government and the management at Transnet. The National Logistics Roadmap, […]

Economic Digest 41 – Currency Manipulation: A storm in a tea cup? by Kenny Pasensie

Ask a politician, an economist, a labour unionist or just an ordinary South African citizen their thoughts on the currency manipulation saga and you will invariably hear very different answers – with the truth somewhere in-between. Is it a complex issue? Perhaps. Was it a storm in a tea cup? Perhaps. Were the implicated banking institutions colluding to […]

Economic Digest 40 – MTBPS 2023 – Robbing Peter to pay Paul? by Kenny Pasensie

Before a new movie or series debuts in movie theatres or on streaming platforms, producers will release trailers to entice us to watch their product. Often, after watching the trailer and then the movie or series, there’s a feeling of having been let down: the three-minute trailer was either much better than the final product or it completely […]

Economic Digest 38 – Getting Employment Equity Right by Kenny Pasensie

President Cyril Ramaphosa signed the Employment Equity Amendment Act 4 of 2022 into law in April of this year. The new law includes changes to the legislation governing workplace transformation, as well as stricter compliance measures for designated employers. Section 15A of the new law introduces sectoral numerical targets with the purpose of ensuring the equitable representation of […]

Economic Digest 36 – Opening up the Rail Lines by Kenny Pasensie

Transnet, which has been struggling with management and operational problems, is finally in the process of seeking out private investment to help it mitigate inefficiencies and declining revenue. Private investment in SA’s ports and rail is one of the key areas of structural reform the government has identified in its overhaul of the economy in […]

Economic Digest 35 – A Wish List for Budget 2023 by Kenny Pasensie

Unemployment, high poverty levels, high inflation and the energy crisis will all weigh heavily on the finance minister’s mind as he endeavours to balance the books and to give a little something to all the competing interests without breaking the bank. The articles below highlight some of the areas that may dominate government’s spending plans. […]