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African Exposure and Training

African Exposure and Training

This project takes a different form from the preceding eight projects. It does not involve the triad of activities: publications, submissions and roundtable discussions. Rather, it consists of two distinct legs:

Firstly, building on a successful experience since 2008, we offer an annual week-long exposure and training course for people from other African countries, or from other local and foreign organisations, who wish to learn about parliamentary advocacy and liaison work. The programme includes provision for CPLO staff to carry out follow-up visits to participants in their home countries.

Secondly, we will continue to run regular workshops on the legislative process, equipping other civil society organisations with the information and skills they need in order to participate meaningfully in the process. These workshops are organized in response to requests from organisations.

Exposure and Training Project Design

The programme will consist of the following components:

Seven training workshops on:

  • The theological and social teachings basis of the CPLO’s advocacy and liaison work
    – Good governance and participatory democracy
    – Writing and making submissions to Parliament
    – Researching and writing Briefing Papers and other publications
    – Planning and running roundtable discussions, seminars and other forms of dialogue
    – Developing a website and a resource capacity
    – Administration and finance
  • A guided tour of Parliament.
  • Exposure to CPLO engagement in Parliamentary committees.
  • A ‘question-and-answer’ session with a prominent local politician.
  • Attendance at CPLO sponsored events like roundtable discussions.
  • Networking with other groups inside and outside the church.
  • Excursion: Robben Island, the Slave Lodge or the District Six Museum.

It further aims to assist the Catholic Church in at least three African countries to establish a CPLO to engage with that country’s Parliament or Government on public policy and legislative issues. This aspect will take the form of a three to five-day visit to the country which will include:

  • CPLO staff visiting target countries to meet with key Church leaders.
  • CPLO staff advising the local Church on skills, mechanisms and resources required to establish a CPLO office.